How to Kill It In Your Blockchain Job Interview

First and foremost, be a really good developer. Know your design patterns, be able to model a problem in an object-oriented way, understand the intricacies of the platform you have experience in.

On the blockchain side, there aren’t that many good blockchain developers, so everyone is ready to take on someone who’s a good developer in general, and is genuinely interested in blockchain technology. Be up to date with the crypto world. Understand how payment channel networks work. Know at least something about future plans.

If you have coded smart contracts before, demonstrate a clear security focus, understanding of the various vulnerabilities and how to defend against them.

What kinds of blockchain job interviews you need to prepare for

Phone Screening

Usually a phone screen interview will be composed of some basic technical, qualifier questions and a few personality questions. As long as you are properly qualified for the job, these interviews should not be that difficult. Answer the questions and try to give as many details as possible.

Online Technical Interview

You will be asked to solve some programming problems or even do pair programming with an interviewer so they can quickly assess your talent remotely. Make sure you have a good mastery of solving algorithm-type problems in your programming language of choice and that you have a good understanding of data structures.

Standard Technical Interview

By far, this is the most common type of interview. It involves common interview questions related to the primary technology, blockchain or programming language. Search for common blockchain questions and prepare the answers to them.

Culture Fit Interview

The goal of this kind of interview is to see if you will fit in with the team personality-wise. The interviewer is usually looking for some indication here that you don’t have personality flaws that would undermine the whole team. Try to not be nervous and relate to the interviewers by having a decent conversation. It’s pretty difficult to know what an interviewer is looking for, so be yourself and avoid any antisocial behavior.

Coding Interview

In a coding interview, you will be asked to solve some algorithm problem by writing some code. You might be asked to write that code on a whiteboard without the use of an IDE. Writing code on a whiteboard while someone is watching can be extremely unnerving. The best way to get good at these kinds of interviews is to study specifically for them and practice, practice, practice.

Personality and Psychological Questions

Be ready to answer all of the common personality and psychological questions most interviews default to asking like:

  • What are your strengths and weaknesses?
  • Where do you see yourself in five years?
  • What was a challenge or conflict you got into at work and how did you handle it?
  • Why do you want to work here / want this job?
  • Can you tell me a little about yourself?
  • Why are you leaving your current job?

Be as genuine as possible without revealing too many negative details, and keep everything as positive as possible.

General Tips for a Blockchain Job Interview

Dress Right

You should dress at least one level above the standard office dress code. There is no disadvantage in having an interviewer think you are extremely professional. Dress up as best you can and create a strong, unconscious bias that you are the more professional, better candidate.

Be on Time

On time is 10 minutes early. If you are driving to the interview, plan to be there 30 minutes early. If you have trouble being on time for events, always plan to arrive 30 minutes early and spend 20 minutes answering email, reading a book, or something else.

Don’t Lie

If you don’t know the answer, just state that you don’t know, but you are interested in learning the answer or that you will find out the answer later. You will create a much better impression by honestly admitting your lack of knowledge in an area and your eagerness to correct that fault.

Don’t Defend Yourself

Interviews can be high stress situations where you can easily feel like you are being judged. If you feel like you are being “attacked” during an interview, go with it. Show that your confidence in your abilities is high and that you can admit your weaknesses.


Instead of just answering the question add more details. Talk about how you used a particular technology or concept. You will be seen as having understanding and a depth of knowledge. You also have a chance to show your personality and show how you explain and share your ideas.


As businesses embrace blockchain more and more, the hunt for candidates who are proficient in blockchain technology is growing at a rapid pace. If you have the skills and knowledge or are interested to invest your time in learning more then you have already a huge advantage. When in preparing for an interview in the blockchain industry remembers that the most important thing to show is confidence. The more prepared you are for an interview; the more confident you will appear. Demonstrate that you are self-motivated and that you can figure out what needs to be done and do it.


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